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Lead Generation and Content Syndication Solutions that Invite Deep Engagement!


Our Digital Content “Knowledge Center” will generate real-time, high-quality sales ‘leads’ on a risk-free, cost-per-lead basis throughout the year.

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Who Can You Reach?

Target local Institutions and Core facilities or tap into an international audience of more than 3,000 Core professionals from over 500 leading academic research institutions. Collectively, ABRF Member Institutions receive over $250 billion in NIH funding annually, as well as more than $15 billion in NSF funding to support continuous discovery and innovation in biomolecular, material, and physical sciences research.

How Does It Work?

Leverage your thought leadership and informational content to engage with thousands of qualified professionals.

Our Process

STEP 1: Select a lead generation package ‘level’ based on lead volume

STEP 2: Provide at least one thought leadership content piece for promotion

STEP 3: Watch as we drive traffic to your campaign using online, email and social marketing tactics

STEP 4: Receive real-time email notifications (‘leads’) of who downloads your content

Why ABRF lead generation?

  • Be in front of an active and engaged audience of industry professionals
  • Utilize a world-class lead generation platform that's 100% turn-key
  • Work with a team of lead generation experts and content marketing strategists
  • Low risk, pay-for-performance programs that fit all budgets
  • Receive a steady flow of leads to fill your sales pipeline
  • Track and monitor the campaign performance with a web-based dashboard